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  • OWCP Reconsideration Merit Reviews – The Importance of a Merit Review for a Reconsideration Request

  • Hearings and the Hearing Representative’s Decision

  • Time Frames and Limits in Compensation Claims and Appeals

  • How Long Can a Claimant Continue to Receive Federal Workers’ Compensation Wage Loss Payments?

  • Important Change in Return to Work Issues

  • About Federal Workers’ Compensation Schedule Awards – OWCP Does Not Settle Compensation Cases and Pay Out a Lump Sum; Instead, it Issues Schedule Awards

  • Possible Benefit Change for Retirement-Age Claimants

  • Advice for OWCP clients for visits with a second-opinion or referee doctor

  • Denial of Compensation Cases

  • Denied Federal Compensation Claim and the Job Search Requirement

  • Finding a doctor who will treat federal workers’ compensation claimants

  • New Claim or Recurrence Claim

  • Termination of Compensation Cases

  • The importance of your own doctor for your OWCP claim

  • Tracking your Federal Compensation Claim with the Claimant Query System (CQS), including OWCP Compensation Overpayment

  • Vocational Rehabilitation

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