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  • Qualifying for a Schedule Award for Carpal Tunnel Injury – Injured Federal Worker
    Posted on January 31, 2018by Michael McCready

    The carpal tunnel refers to a structure within your arm and wrist which is lets nerves, muscles and other tissue pass through it on their way to your hand. Carpal tunnel injuries in federal workers are a common occurrence, especially for those who work in sedentary office positions that require a lot of typing behind a computer screen. It may also affect federal workers who use their hands in repetitive activities such as cleaning, picking up and dropping off packages such as in the case of U.S. Postal Workers, as well as those that work in factory and warehouse positions. A carpal tunnel injury usually immobilizes one’s hand, making it difficult to perform previous tasks without experiencing a sharp, shooting, radiating pain in one’s hand and arm, and sometimes, up into one’s shoulder.

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    Carpal Tunnel – Does It Ever Go Away?

    Carpal tunnel doesn’t go away on its own. It tends to linger and gets worse without treatment. The pain experienced signals some kind of injury or inflammation to the nerves, ligaments and tendons found in your wrist, and it requires adequate arm rest as well as treatment. In severe cases, one may not be able to resume working in the same capacity they previously worked at, necessitating reassignment to another department or early retirement.

    Women are three times as likely to experience carpal tunnel syndrome on account of a narrower wrist. In addition, winter exacerbates carpal tunnel due to poor circulation and limited movement.

    How To Get a Schedule Award for Carpal Tunnel Injury

    In order to qualify for a schedule award when it comes to carpal tunnel injuries for injured federal workers, you are required to first fill in form CA-2, to be presented to your supervisor. You will then need to see a doctor familiar with OWCP injury ratings, as well as fill in form CA-7.

    Need More Information? Call Us Today!

    Need to learn about the next steps to take to qualify for a schedule award for carpal tunnel injuries? Give us a call today on 1-855-233-3002 for your free and confidential legal consultation. Thanks, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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