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  • OWCP and Reconsideration
    Posted on January 8, 2019by Michael McCready

    Using a Request for Reconsideration to Appeal the Office of Workers’ Compensation Program’s (OWCP) Decision

        As a public service, the Law Offices of McCready, Garcia and Leet provide you with a summary of the regulations, which implement the Federal Employees Compensation Act (FECA). This article discusses how the OWCP decide whether to affirm or deny my request for reconsideration? (§10.608) 

    • The agency may grant your reconsideration request when,

    o    You filed it on time, and

    o    You met at least one of the requirements described in the section above entitled, “What information must my request contain?”

    • Unfortunately, you don’t necessarily win your benefits when the OWCP grants your request for consideration.

    o    That only means it will reopen your case.

    o    The next Q&A in this blog provides more information about what happens after the OWCP grants your reconsideration request. 

    • On the other hand, the agency may deny your request for reconsideration when…

    o    You didn’t file on time, or

    o    You filed on time, but didn’t meet any of the requirements in the section entitled, “What information must my request contain?”

    • If the OWCP denies your request for reconsideration, you can appeal to the ECAB. That’s the third type of appeal mentioned at the beginning of this blog.

    Can the OWCP Director independently review her own agency’s decision? (§10.610)

    • Yes, the Director can request an independent reconsideration.
    • This Director’s reconsideration can happen even when you won your original claim and, therefore, didn’t ask for a review. For more information, go here.


         However, there is a simpler way to get the information you need.  The law firm of McCready, Garcia & Leet represents injured federal workers across the United States. An attorney specialist on federal workers’ compensation law can respond to any inquiries you have, so please feel free to contact us at (855) 233-3002

    OWCP and Reconsideration

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