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  • Injured Federal Workers and Workplace Harassment
    Posted on April 27, 2018by Michael McCready

    A workplace injury comes with a whole set of challenges in and of itself. From seeking treatment to having to reorganize your work life as well as duties, getting injured on the job as a federal worker will force you to adopt a steep learning curve as your world is unceremoniously turned upside down. Sometimes, these obstacles can be compounded by harassment and discrimination from supervisors who may not necessarily appreciate the need for you to take it easy for the duration of your injury, leading to tense standoffs as well as a hostile work environment.

    The Life of an Injured Federal Worker is Never Easy

    Injured federal workers may have to go to the hospital multiple times a month for doctors’ appointments, have their workspace rearranged to fit a wheelchair, have ramps installed at the steps leading up to the main door, and work through searing pain in some cases, all the while chasing down compensation for their injured federal worker claim. We empathize and understand how hard this can be for anyone, and having a supervisor on your neck is the last thing you would want during this trying time.

    Federal worker workplace harassment can take on many forms:

    • Being verbally harassed or passive aggressively harassed because you’re “slacking off”
    • Supervisors not accommodating your movement needs as an injured or freshly disabled federal worker
    • Being passed off with regard to promotions on account of your injury
    • Having your contract wrongfully terminated due to your injury
    • Being disciplined in an unneeded manner

    Workplace harassment and retaliation meted out by supervisors is illegal and punishable by law. Your employer is required to make accommodations except if the adjustment is unreasonably expensive or difficult.


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