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  • How Federal Disability Retirement is Calculated
    Posted on April 25, 2018by Michael McCready

    As an injured federal worker, you may start to consider the option of retirement when it becomes apparent that your injuries will not get better. Before you make the next move, it is important to become well-versed in the various programs within the Federal Employees Retirement System as well as how benefits are calculated in order to ensure you get what you deserve in your sunset years after a lifetime or decades of working for the federal government.

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    How Do I Qualify for FERS?

    In order to qualify for federal retirement compensation under FERS, you will need to have worked for the federal government for 18 months or more. In addition, you must have suffered an injury leading to your disability while working for the federal government, performing official or work-related duties. Next, your disability should last a year or more, and your agency must corroborate your statement regarding your inability to work due to them not being able to accommodate your condition. On top of that, your employing agency should have maxed out all vacant positions within your pay grade as well as commuting zone for which you possess qualifications. Last, but not least, you must apply for FERS before you remove yourself from active service, or within a year of your discovery about the permanence of your injury, whichever comes first.

    FERS Calculation Guidelines for Injured Federal Workers

    As far as FERS calculations go, you will receive sixty percent of the three highest salaries within the first year of your seaparation and enrolment to federal disability retirement. After this year has elapsed, you’ll receive forty percent of the three highest salaries in the following years, a practice that will continue until you turn 62. Please note that due to the fact that this kind of retirement is considered occupational, you are allowed to work within the private sector as long as you’re not making over 80 percent of your previous federal salary.

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