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When Should I apply?

If the following description applies to you than it is time for you to look into filing for Federal Disability Retirement.

  • You are unable to perform the job for which you were hired.

  • Your employer is unable or unwilling to meet your doctor’s restrictions.

  • Your doctor’s medical restrictions are going to last for more than one year.

  • You have not reached the age of 62.

  • You were employed by the federal government for more than 18 months.

Since the process can take several months, a federal worker should apply for Federal Disability Retirement as soon as they become aware that a disability will last more than one year. Also, if you have been terminated or separated from Federal Service, you have only up to one year to file for Federal Disability Retirement or you lose this option. McCready, Garcia & Leet can help answer your questions or assist you in the application process to ensure you have the best chance at approval the first time. Contact us for a free consultation regarding federal disability retirement.

Are you a federal employee who has been injured?

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