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District Office 9 – Cleveland

(Indiana, Michigan, Ohio; All special claims and all areas outside the U.S., its possessions, territories and trust territories)
Karen Spence, District Director
(216) 902-5600

District Office 9 – Cleveland

U.S. Dept. of Labor, OWCP

1240 East Ninth Street, Room 851

Cleveland, OH 44199(216) 902-5600

Fax: (216) 902-5601

Accommodation Line (Dedicated line for individuals with hearing impairments): (216) 902-5602

Contacting Your Federal Employees’ Compensation District Office 9 – Cleveland

The OWCP district office monitors the payment of compensation and medical care to ensure compliance with the provisions of the Act. The district office staff also provides technical assistance to employers, insurance carriers, and claimants for the prompt delivery of benefits. In case of claim disputes, district office claims examiners conduct informal conferences to help the parties resolve their disputes by way of mutual agreement or compromise without formal litigation. The district director has authority to approve settlements and issue compensation awards in undisputed claims.

OWCP has a toll-free automated system that provides information regarding specific claims. By calling 866-OWCP-IVR (866-692-7487), injured workers and their representatives may access information regarding case status and compensation payments. Injured workers should have their 9-digit case file or claim number and social security number when calling.

Federal Workers’ Compensation Lawyers in District Office 9 – Cleveland

McCready, Garcia & Leet represented injured federal workers before the OWCP District Office 6 – Cleveland. We are always available for a free initial consultation for your District Office 6 – Cleveland claim.

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